Kelvin Maina – Cioneki Cii Weruini

Kelvin Maina may remain silent for more than 1 year but believe me when this guy releases a song, it becomes a hit. His latest release  Cioneki Cii Weruini is now taking over and it is available here for both listening to and downloading.

Kelvin Maina – Cioneki Cii Weruini mp3 download

This type of music is what we need to include in the genre of gospel songs, praise God. May the revelation of God’s message, which is a person who is Him, continue to enlighten you. This song has been such a blessing to me, and I pray that God would have pity on me and open my doors in response to it.

Watch  Cioneki Cii Weruini video by Kelvin Maina attached below

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