End of the road : Kajala and Harmonize ends their relationship

They say that love is a glorious thing, but in the case of Kajala and Harmonize’s relationship, this is no longer true. Their relationship was open and there was nothing to conceal, the two were practicing it in public without any fear. They now join Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami who also broke up some days ago

They used to travel together as a client and his manager whenever he had any music business, and Kajala even handled all business matters at Konde Gang Label. Not only did the two lovebirds work together in business, but they also enjoyed working out together when they went to the gym.

The breakup of Kajala and Harmonize’s relationship is not new. Kajala and Harmonize split up a few years ago after allegations surfaced that Harmonize was having an affair with Kajala’s daughter, Paula. Rayvanny decided to post the Harmonize naked video and photo after Paula leaked them to him. Rayvanny was dating Paula at the time, although they are no longer together.

Harmonize made every effort to win Kajala’s heart back. Even a billboard with Kajala pleading for forgiveness on some days was paid for by him. In addition, he purchased two Range Rovers, Kajala 1 and Kajala 2, vowing to give them to her upon her return. It was tough to win her heart back because Paula did not accept her mother’s decision to return to Harmonize. After some time, Kajala opted to go back to Harmonize and accepted his apology.

Kajala announced a few days ago on her social media accounts that she was no longer dating Harmonize. She seemed to be regretting and vowing to avoid such a relationship more. She even claimed that because many people had warned her about the relationship, she deserved to be mocked at for her unsuccessful affair. Harmonize used to beat Kajala, and that might be why she left, according to her close associates. Others believe that Paula, with whom they spent more time at home, may have been approached by Harmonize.

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