Jux & Zuchu – Nidhibiti

Nidhibiti is the new hit song by Zuchu and Jux. The two are too talented and no one was expecting a collaboration between the two. Zuchu has been trending with her new song Kwikwi and this collaboration with Jux was well-timed.

Jux & Zuchu – Nidhibiti mp3 file

Zuchu had spent the night crying after her planned event had failed. Only 85 people, according to her, attended the event. Many people have tried to reassure her that everything is fine, but this appears to have had a significant impact on Zuchu.

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz in love?

Zuchu is said to be in a relationship with Diamond Platnumz, though the two have not confirmed their relationship. On her birthday, the two were photographed in a romantic setting, kissing each other in public. Diamond is Zuchu’s boss, but the two are now officially dating.

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