Joshua Baraka – Nana Remix Feat. Joeboy, King Promise and Bien

Nana is now one of the most searched songs in Africa. Nana must be a very happy musician and his supporter from Uganda must be happy for him. As I write this article, the song has more than 2.5 million views and it is just 4 months old. The good news is that after releasing Nana, Other musicians found it good to do Nana remixes that consist of musicians like Joeboy, King Promise, and Bien

This is a good vibe. Songs like these are a huge influence on me, and I just released my first Afrobeat type of music on my channel today as a result of the sensations he gives out. Keep up the good work. Many wished that Joshua Baraka to do a collaboration with a top Nigerian musician and he did with Joeboy. This masterpiece is forever registered on the Afrobeat chart…it will undoubtedly top the charts. As a Nigerian, I’m rooting for you. East Africa is unquestionably the future.

Watch the Nana remix video here



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