Joseph Shisia – Omundu Omulosi

Omundu Omulosi by Joseph Shisia has been a hit for many years now. In most Luhya events, you will definitely hear this song being played. This is a gospel song and for those who thought this song is used on funeral services, you all get it wrong. Omundu Omulosi is a song that talks about witchcraft and how it affects society.

Joseph Shisia – Omundu Omulosi mp3 download

Joseph Shisia who is the composer of this song narrates how witchcraft has affected his family. According to him, someone who is a close ally has sent witchcraft into his home causing some death among his family member. Not only his family members are affected, but the composer also adds that even his livestock are also affected and they are dying each and every day.

His wife decides to approach his village pastor so that he can offer some advice and what to do so that the mess in this family can stop. The village pastor is seen performing prayers which seem to be working for the affected family. Because of Jesus Christ, everything seems to be back to normal and they are all thankful

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