Jose Gatutura Ft Kamoko – Gacuni

After being silent for many years, Jose Gatutura has released a new song titled Gacuni. The song is a collaboration between Gatutura and Kamoko. As you all know, Gatutura is Mugithi king and he never disappoints. If you remember Witagwo atia by Gatutura you will understand him better

Jose Gatutura Ft Kamoko – Gacuni mp3 download

The King has the advantage that you can listen to the song, enjoy it, and at the end dance to it without having to watch it. If you pay close attention, these men will humiliate you while remaining steadfast. The point is well-made. Amazing scenery, ok dancers, and a song we won’t be singing along to. Kamoko and Mashete are on fire!

Watch Jose Gatutura Ft Kamoko – Gacuni video here

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