Joefes ft Ssaru – Ukicheat

Ukicheat is the new song by Ssaru and Joefes. Ssaru is a Kenyan female rapper who is very talented bearing in mind that she is still young. She has a lot of collaboration with big Kenyan artists including Mejja. The pair and the arrangement of the verses have a distinctive quality. Salutations to Joefes and Ssaru.

Joefes ft Ssaru – Ukicheat mp3 download

We should all be honest and recognize that Joefes, Fatehmoh, and Saru currently control the back of the Gengetone. When Joefes and Ssaru shook the nitroglycerin bottle, it erupted into the song Ukicheat, which aroused a great deal of worldwide anticipation. The release of Ukicheat has music fans jubilating with unrestrained joy.

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