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Jina La Yesu – The Light Bearers Tz

The Light Bearers have released their latest single, Jina la Yesu, all the way from Tanzania. The Light Bearers songs are the best choir music to listen to since they will undoubtedly brighten your day and strengthen your faith.

Jina La Yesu  mp3 download

Light Bearers never let you down. May you continue to flourish as you exalt His awesome name. Yes, indeed. What a relief. Everything is predetermined by God, including the way you dress and the song’s content. You’ve done it once more.

Watch Jina la yesu video here

I’ve started listening to the meanings of your songs as a result of your music. You have great music. May the Almighty continue to bless you. Nothing is more relaxing than listening to your music; may God continue to keep you guys in his good graces. And you guys look great in these uniforms, too.

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