Jimmie Cbsir – Hiti

Jimmie Cbsir is a famous Kikuyu musician and he has released a new song called Hiti. Hiti is a Kikuyu word commonly used and it simply means Hyena. The story behind this song is very interesting and you need to listen to it

Jimmie Cbsir – Hiti mp3

In the Kikuyu Region, the Hyena is a prominent species with a long history. The narrative describes a hyena that used smell to determine where meat was being cooked. He encountered two routes along the way, and he was unsure which to take.

Hyena made the decision to go two ways, with each set of his legs going in a separate direction. He ultimately broke his feet as a result of his greed. The song by Jimmie Cbsir warns us not to behave like hyenas and encourages us to persevere with God if we decide to do so.

Watch hiti video by Jimmie Cbsir below

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