Javan MacAjudo – Olwenda

With his brand-new song, Olwenda, Javan MacAjudo conveys the idea of just being genuine. The fact that so many people adore this musician from Luo Land is one of the reasons why the majority of his tracks are always in demand. As we speak, many people are listening to and watching Olwenda.

Olwenda mp3 file

Having eagerly anticipated this song, I can assure you that you haven’t let me down. Everything was on target as always, and I have to admit that Javan is the top vocalist in the Luo nation. Word for word in this song is incredibly educating, and I wish you further success at higher levels.

watch Olwenda’s video here

Also, you can listen to Tem Eking’e by Javan MacAjudo here


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