J.n. Gakuhi – Twendane

J.N Gakuhi is back with another hit. Being young doesn’t limit him from releasing hit songs. Twendane is J.N Gakuhi’s latest song. The song talks about love and am sure you will love it as I do. To listen to the song check the attachment

J.n. Gakuhi – Twendane mp3 file

Everything about this song is great, and by everything I mean the entire package, including the lyrics’ rhymes, the rhythm, the video, the clothing code, and the dance moves. If you only understood the circumstances around this man’s achievement, you would be rooting for him constantly. May God continue to enrich your life with His blessings and favor.

By the link provided below, you can enjoy Twendane video by J.N Gakuhi

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