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Israel Mbonyi – Ndashima

Ndashima is a new praise and worship song by Israel Mbonyi. This is what we refer to as true gospel music. Although the song is in the local tongue, you will agree that it entertains and makes you feel as if you are in God’s presence.

Israel Mbonyi – Ndashima mp3 download

Israel Thank you for listening to God’s voice. Even though I don’t understand your dialect, every time you sing, I am inspired even before I see the subtitles or translation. Your songs have taken me to a higher level of worship and have enhanced my dancing steps; I feel God’s presence all around me. Thank you for lending your voice to the kingdom’s cause. I am from Nigeria, and I extend my greetings to all the saints in Rwanda.

Watch Ndashima video here

Also, listen to nina siri by Israel Mbonyi here


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