Israel Mbonyi – Ndakubabariye

For those people who love praise and worship songs, Israel Mbonyi has a new release titled  Ndakubabariye. Israel is the kind of musician who loves performing live and his voice allows him to do so. You can now enjoy listening to  Ndakubabariye by Israel Mbonyi

Israel Mbonyi – Ndakubabariye mp3 file

There is no greater joy than knowing, guilt-free, that you have been forgiven… His mercies are so tender. God bless you, Israelmbonyi, and the entire choir, and may God continue to inspire you to bless us and remind us of His love. We adore you and are praying for the success of your ministry.

Oh, praise the Good and Gracious King Jesus for inspiring you to write such an amazing song. Imagine the Lord’s immense mercy in forgiving us 7×70 times when we mess up… I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am to the Lord, so I simply say: Thank You, Jesus… Blessings to you, brother Mbonyi, and the team that is supporting you in this ministry.

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