Kimye part ways. After months of wild media speculation, the reality T.V celebrity and Rap superstar power couple commonly known by the portmanteau ‘Kimye’ , finally made their divorce official – a court official confirmed with Ngoma. TMZ, who were the first to break the news to the general public said that Kim is pushing for joint custody and a prenuptial agreement is already in place.

The couple fall out was allegedly fuelled by Kanye West failed presidential bid. During campaigns Kanye revealed sensitive matters involving their relationship. This lead Kim to make a public statement on Kanye’s Mental problem, asking the public for empathy and understanding . Sources confirm that Kim and Kanye west are still at crossroads on how they will divide their property. Their Calabasas main house seems to be at the center of this quagmire because of the ownership complexity. According to paparazzi gossip reports, Kim Kardashian is set to benefit big-time if the divorce becomes successful. There are claim that Kim initiated the divorce not because of their relationship wrangles, but also financial gains . Kanye West, who was recently joined the ‘Billionaires Club’ is yet to confirm this claims , this is after several lots of failed attempts to reach him.

The celebrity couple have been together for seven years and have sired four children. Psalm West(Taurus) is the youngest child of Kim and Kanye. Saint West(Sagittarius) is the second-born child of Kim and Kanye, and is celebrity couple’s first son. Chicago West (Capricorn) is the third-born child of Kim and Kanye. North West(Gemini) is the first-born child of Kim and Kanye.

Kim Kardashian has called on the media and paparazzi to give her family an easy time as the tackle this milestone.

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