Irene Ntale – Esanyu Dagala

I don’t know why but I love music from Uganda. Understanding the language is a bit tricky but Ugandan musicians are very talented and creative. Esanyu Dagala by Irene Ntale is an example of those songs that you feel like listening to throughout the day.

Irene Ntale – Esanyu Dagala mp3 download

Ntale Irene I’m very grateful that you served up such a lovely, melodious, and soulful ballad; you’re rapidly emerging as one of the top female vocalists of your generation. Like a good bottle of wine, I have to admit that your sharp vocal quality gets better with time. Keep up the fantastic job; the vocal delivery, arrangement, and poetic matter are all excellent.

Watch Esanyu Dagala video by Irene Ntale attached below

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