Ibraah – Nimepona

Nimepona is another song by Ibraah. This guy is among the most talented Bongo musician and when it comes to writing, Ibraah is among the best. Nimepona is a love song and as you all know Ibraah like talking about being heartbroken.

Ibraah – Nimepona mp3 download

Nimepona Is A Swahili Word That Means (I Have Recovered) In English. On This Song, Ibraah Tells Us A Heartbreaking Story. It’s about someone he used to unconditionally love, but who has since left.

The song is about grief and the difficult time he has been through as a result of love’s pain. He eventually accepted the fact that the person he used to love was no longer alive. He has healed and made peace with the situation.

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