Ibraah Ft. Harmonize – Tunapendeza

Tunapendeza is Another collaboration between Harmonize and Ibraah. The two have a good working chemistry and whenever they release a song, expect it to be a hit song. For now, you can enjoy listening to Tunapendeza by Ibraah and Harmonize.

Ibraah Ft. Harmonize – Tunapendeza mp3 file

Everyone can agree that the melodies created by Harmonize and Ibraah when they perform together are the best. The father and son duo also nailed the beat; Kondegang for everyone. Ibraah, the monarch of the new generation, is here with consistently excellent music that includes Konde Boy, king of East Africa.

For more information, you can listen to Tunapendeza by Ibraah and Harmonize through ibraah youtube channel

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