Guardian Angel – Moyo Wangu X Dj Kezz Kenya

Moyo Wangu is a song by Guardian Angle and Dj Kezz Kenya that expresses their gratitude and devotion to God. They sing that God is the source of their life and they dedicate their hearts to him, promising to love him with all their strength. They also testify that God has delivered them from diseases, war, and other challenges that they faced, such as poverty, oppression, and temptation.

Guardian Angel – Moyo Wangu X Dj Kezz Kenya mp3 download

They acknowledge that without God, they would not have overcome their fears and achieved their goals, such as making music, spreading the gospel, and helping others. They praise God for his goodness and faithfulness in their lives, saying that he is their protector, provider, and friend.

Watch Moyo wangu video here

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