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Sometimes you need an interrupted gospel song. This is when you need to look for the best gospel songs mixed by various DJs. There are many types of gospel and many people love praise and worship although a lot of youth love new-generation gospel songs

Best Of Swahili Gospel Mix Songs mp3

Kenyan gospel music has evolved significantly. Many people have transformed music into something that resembles secular music. This includes everything from the instrumentation to how people dress when filming gospel videos.

I hope you remember how the gospel used to be; you must have heard of Jemimah Thiongo, the late Kaberere, Eunice Njeri, and many others. This band used to record and release only gospel music, and thank God, they still do so.

When musicians like Willy Paul and Bahati were introduced to the gospel industry, things began to change. At first, they appeared innocent, and nearly everyone was prepared to support them. However, look at them today. The only remaining gospel music is praise and worship; all other genres are merely variations of secular music.

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