Gasheni – Gakware Karia

Gasheni will always be many favorites every time she releases a song, expect it o be a hit song. Gakware Karia is her latest release and it has already been listed in the youtube trending video. Those who understand the Kikuyu language must agree with me that the song has a strong message.

Gasheni – Gakware Karia mp3 download

The song is receiving positive comments on her youtube channel and this means that many are appreciating Gasheni’s songs and they are ready to support her. This is very incredible. Keep showing young people that anything is possible.

A special thanks to Duke label, run by Dj Fatxo, for mentoring young people. One thing is constant in spite of everything, and her vocals are spot on. This demonstrates that Gasheni’s talent is developing daily.


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