Fortune Mwikali – Niwa Ngai Nditonyeka

Nobody knew that Fortune Mwikali can dance the way she have done in this video. Niwa Ngai Nditonyeka brings entertainment and I can say that Mwikali has a lot of energy. She is gaining follow-up day by day and as I write this, her youtube channel has over 46k subscribers.

Fortune Mwikali – Niwa Ngai Nditonyeka audio download

Kamba music

Kamba music is becoming popular, and there are now enough Kamba musicians competing with one another to ensure that everyone works hard to stay on top and gain more followers. I just call it health competition

Kasau Katombi, Kyeemba junior Maima, and others are well-known Kamba musicians. Most of these musicians are capable of playing a single instrument live, making performance easier. We wish them all the best and may God provide them with many ideas as they prepare to release more songs

Enjoy Fortune Mwikali Niwa Ngai Nditonyeka video

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