Fortune Mwikali – Kati Wa Elote Tukaumila

Kamba music is taking over and the musician from those sides are now doing great work. Fortune Mwikali is one of the Kamba finest and she has released a new song titledĀ  Kati Wa Elote Tukaumila. Kamba musicians are well-recognized for the unique instrumentation in their songs.

Kati Wa Elote Tukaumila mp3 file

Nice track and Fortune Mwikali will always be at the top. The message is obvious, praise be to the highest God. I knew this was a hit song before it was officially released, so be blessed with fate. Finally, after a long wait, such a fantastic song. keep it up, you’re going to shine all the days…thank him, and he will show you amazing things.

Watch video here

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