Faith Therui Ft Leshao Leshao – Naishamu

Naishamu is the name of the new song by Faith Therui and Leshao Leshao. When two talented musicians meet, expect a hit song and this is a good example by Leshao and faith Theuri. No matter the language that you speak or understand, you will definitely love this song

Faith Therui Ft Leshao Leshao – Naishamu mp3 file

This is what we refer to as professional music, coming from our very own Kalenjin Lioness. I adore this vibe maze. The way the voices blend together in it gives off a full mood. My man Leshao, Leshao, you’re moving up, brother. keep the energy up. Wow, faith, the song is accurate; I can see that even your master is in a remote area. God bless everyone.

You can now watch this great video by  Faith Therui and Leshao Leshao

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