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Evangelist Ezekiel Songs : Pastor Ezekiel Bio

A lot of pastors are becoming musicians and Vice versa. Pastor Ezekiel is one of them. So far he has recorded a lot of praise and worship songs which are full of wise words not forgetting his nice voice

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Pastor Ezekiel Bio

Evangelist Ezekiel is rapidly gaining popularity. He founded a modest church with few members, but today he is the owner of one of Kenya’s largest churches. Many people have admitted that Ezekiel performs genuine miracles, and the coast-based evangelist is highly known for doing so.

Pastor Ezekiel is a musician as well as an evangelist. Because he leads praise and worship in his church, this is one of his advantages.
You can listen to one of his non-stop mp3 compilations, which includes many of the praise and worship songs he has so far produced.

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