Ev. John Kay – Nthembo Ya Muvea

Ev. John Kay, the one and only Kamba musician, delivers hit after hit. Nthembo Ya Muvea is this gentleman’s most recent song, and it is currently trending on YouTube. Ev. John Kay’s new song is incredibly educational, and those who understand Kamba will agree with me.

Ev. John Kay – Nthembo Ya Muvea mp3 download

There is no debate about the composition or the importance of the message in this song! Aside from that, I only see hints of John Kay in the composition, such as pieces of his voice and dance motions in the main guys. This is a fantastic position if supervised by him! Your seed is very promising, and may God bless your harvest as He receives all praise and honor as a result of your mentorship.

Watch Nthembo Ya Muvea video here

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