Ethan Muziki – Tokea ft Brandy Maina

Ethan Muziki and Brandy Maina are a combination. Both have very powerful vocals and they understand music basics very well. Tokea is their new release and for the lover of Blues and R and B, this song is specially dedicated to you.

Ethan Muziki – Tokea ft Brandy Maina mp3 download

Ethan Muziki claims that he wrote this song during a difficult period in his life. It still moves him and helps him get back on his feet when he is down. Instilling confidence and motivation on a daily basis.

Indescribable gratitude to Brandy Maina for writing such a heartfelt and relatable verse on this, as well as Ben Kiilu for not only shooting this but also for everything else that I can’t even begin to list! I can only hope that this piece of us moves and thrusts you, and if it finds a home in your hearts, what a bonus!

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