Emmanuel Mgogo – Hata Ukichelewa

God is faithful is the main message of Emmanuel Mgogo. His new release titled Hata Ukichelewa is a kind of encouraging song. This is not his first song, Emmanuel Mgongo is well known and some of his hit songs include uso wangu.

Emmanuel Mgogo – Hata Ukichelewa mp3 file

Enjoy watching Hata Ukichelewa video by Emmanuel Mgogo

Emmanuel Praises God in this song saying that God can not be replaced by anyone else. Those who are giving up because they have not received their prayer’s answers, should not give up but keep on waiting because God is always faithful.

Sometimes it may take years to receive your blessing but always know that God’s time is always the best and God have all your plans at the end of the day we will all be a winner so let us keep on praising God because he can do wonders.

As Emmanuel mgogo says, You should never forget God for making it possible for you. Always remember where you come from and keep on praying and within time your prayers will be answered because he is our father and he will always provide for us



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