Dr Ipyana – I’m Amazed Your Love

I’m Amazed Your Love is another release by Dr Ipyana. As usual, this guy is good as far as praise and worship songs are concerned. Most of his songs are live recorded and you will enjoy listening to different types of musical instruments.

Dr Ipyana – I’m Amazed Your Love mp3 download

For those who are unaware, Dr. Ipyana is a medical doctor who has been endowed with Grace to minister to the souls through heavenly and devotional songs that express reverence for God. I’M ASTONISHED; let us use it to worship our God.

Dr. Ipyana is a true vessel of God. He is both blessed and humble. Only heaven can bestow such songwriting abilities on him. His voice is very moving. I pray that God continues to use you for his glory. We adore you.

Watch Dr Ipyana – I’m Amazed Your Love video attached below

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