Dogo Richie Ft Masauti – Diet

Dogo Richie and Masauti are two talented musicians from the coastal region of Kenya. They have both made a name for themselves in the music industry with their catchy songs and unique styles. Dogo Richie recently joined Kaya Records, a label owned by Kaya Fm, a radio station based in Kwale County. Masauti is also a successful artist who has released several hit songs that have gained popularity across the country.

Dogo Richie Ft Masauti – Diet mp3 download

The two musicians have collaborated on a new song called Diet, which showcases their vocal skills and fusion of genres. The song is a hit among fans and critics alike, and it proves that Dogo Richie and Masauti have great chemistry and potential as a duo. They are among the best representatives of the coastal music scene and they deserve all the support and recognition they can get.

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