Dk Kwenye Beat & Size 8 Reborn – Ushawahi

Ushawahi is a song by Size 8 and Dk Kwenye beat that explores the theme of resilience in the face of adversity. The song narrates the personal struggles of the artists, who faced various challenges such as false accusations, financial difficulties, and suicidal thoughts. The song reveals how Dk Kwenye Beat was accused of spreading STI and how his car key was taken because of a loan.

Dk Kwenye Beat & Size 8 Reborn – Ushawahi mp3 download

He also shares how he asked for assistance from his friends but no one could help him. Similarly, the song tells how Size 8 wished to die because of the pain she was going through. The song encourages the listeners to keep their faith in God and not to lose hope, as He will always provide a way out. The song is a testimony of how the artists overcame their hardships with God’s help and grace, and how they are now living a better life.

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