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Dj Queen254 – Nena Nanu

DJ Queen254 demonstrates that she is capable of doing what males are capable of doing. She recently released a new song titled Nena Nanu, which is now doing really well. Remember that this is not her only song; she has many hits, and you should listen to more of her music.

Dj Queen254 – Nena Nanu mp3 download

DJ Queen254 has a message for all her fans: “A lot has been said, much has been speculated, and rumours have spread throughout the savannas.”DJ Queen here again. The female warrior. The plains’ begotten daughter. I arrived, conquered, and left tongues wagging through art, and I still give to you my deepest self now. I present my gift to all the sceptics, all the rumour mongers that it is not personal, it is God’s grace, it is merely art to the warrior in me, the resilient me, and to you.

Watch Nena Nanu video here


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