DJ Kezz – Achicha

This musician reminds me of Emmy Kosgei, one of the best musicians Kalenjin ever had. Dj Kezz is now taking over the Kalenjin music industry and her new songĀ  Achicha is a must listen if you have not come across this song then enjoy listening to it here. DJ Kezz conveys the message of bravery and faith in God’s presence through captivating Kalenjin rhythms and moving vocals.

DJ Kezz – Achicha mp3 download

As we listen, we are reminded that when we accept the Almighty as our protector, refuge, and source of strength, fear vanishes. Join us on a journey that will be illuminated along the way by the lamp of faith. Take in this soul-stirring track where music and faith come together in perfect harmony.

Watch Achicha video here

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