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DJ Kelden – Bongo Mix 2023 Vol 3

DJ Kelden’s new mix is titled Bongo Mix 2023 Vol 3. This Kenyan DJ appears to be taking over the Bongo mix. His last volume of Bongo mix fared well, and I am hopeful that Vol 3 will do even better. He not only mixes bongos, but he also mixes Rhumba.

Bongo Mix 2023 Vol 3 mp3 file

The best thing about Dj Kelden is that he knows how to connect one song to another. He understands everything about tempo and what song to come next. Dj Kelden Bongo’s mix Vol 3 contains new songs released this year. Some of the musicians featured in this mix include Platform, Jay Melody, Alikiba, Marioo, Darasa, and Harmonize

Watch Bongo Mix 2023 Vol 3 by Dj Keldin here

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