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Dj Fatxo – Ngatho

Dj Fatxo is here to stay and if you thought people could stop him from doing what he likes, then you are wrong. After his scandal, DJ Fatxo decided to release a new song titled Ngatho. The song explains what he has been going through and it has a lot of teaching.

Dj Fatxo – Ngatho mp3 download

I pray for your blessing as you enjoy this masterpiece. There is a God of Second Chance, in a nutshell. This composition has strong messages to convey. Each of us is engaged in a silent conflict. Be at peace, brothers. I will always be a fan of yours, and I still recall how I dreamed I would wake up and discover that you had published a video. And today, that prayer has been granted. Glory to God, for as I said to you recently, You are God’s Seed.

Watch video here

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