Dj Brown Skin House Girl Reveals The Dark Side Of The Dj

Dj Brown Skin House Girl reveals that this isn’t the first time the two have gotten into an argument. According to her, the fight between the two had become routine.  Because the housewife was still young, she couldn’t get involved in their affair.

If you’ve been following the Dj Brownskin saga, you’ve probably seen the viral video of the Dj’s wife taking poison in front of Dj Brownskin. Much has been said, and the majority of people believe that the DJ failed to prevent his wife’s death.

Brown Skin Dj House Girl had a lot to say about the family because she was present when that tragic occurrence occurred. You could hear Dj Brown Skin asking her to fetch milk for his wife after taking what is thought to be poison in the viral footage.

Mariam is her name, and she is a native of Kakamega. Immediately after completing her education, in April 2022, she received a call regarding a job as a housegirl from one of her close neighbors. She chose to take the opportunity because she had time on her hands.

She felt she deserved the opportunity because she was paid Ksh 15,000 each month. Since she was right out of school, she considered being a sizable sum of money. Working as a house girl was not an issue to her because she loves kids so raising kids was not a big deal to her.

Dj Brown Skin House Girl Revelation

The house girl could frequently hear DJ Brownkin’s wife yelling that she was going to commit suicide. Mariam, the housekeeper, was unable to take the wife’s remarks seriously since she believed that she was scaring her husband.  Little did she know that one day she would commit suicide. Mariam added that Brownskin seemed not to care. Sometimes he could respond to his wife to go on with her mission.

According to the house girl, Dj Brownskin frequently returned home late and drank. This could aggravate his wife, who has claimed that her husband no longer respects her. This had an effect on their children.  Sometimes, the housemaid could hide them in a separate room as soon as Dj Brownskin and his wife began arguing. The revelation was made In her recent interview with Bob Shakwila Show.


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