Deborah Lukalu – I Made It

Deborah Lukalu is her name and her new song is simply titled, I Made It. The song is full of energy from the video up to the audio itself. Listening to I made it by Lukalu will definitely make your day.

Deborah Lukalu – I Made It mp3 file

This song will undoubtedly be on my graduation playlist. I thus declare that everything in my life is secured in the name of Jesus. This is my statement, and I’m happy to say that I made it through the storms the adversary threw. You saved me with your kindness. I am living proof that I made it through without any issues. Amen. That is Jesus’ fault.

Everything Beborah Lukalu sings about in this song is accurate: “With Jesus, I made it!” By God’s grace, we will finish well, and the blood of Jesus has covered us from January through November and into December. Thank you, Jesus. Amen

Also you can watch I made it video here

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