Dazlah Ep : Dazlah the future

Dazlah, a coast musician, has released an EP titled The Future. Dazlah is best known for his collaboration with Susumila, a well-known musician from the coast. He used to work with Producer Tee, who has since become a musician after claiming that coast musicians have become lazy when it comes to music marketing, so he is now planning to show them how it is done.

Dazlah is now signed to Shirko Media, and his 5-song EP is now available for listening. Many have praised the EP, but some believe he still has a long way to go given how much the music industry has changed. Enjoy some of Dazlah’s new songs and let us know what you think of them. We anticipate the release of some videos in the near future.

The songs available in the new Dazlah Ep include:

  1. Naogopa
  2. Tamaa
  3. Waru
  4. Baishoo
  5. Pisi Kali

Enjoy Dazlah the future ep Here

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