Country Wizzy – One Call Away

Working with the Konde gang didn’t work out and that is why country Wizzy decided to part ways. This talented musician has decided to release a hit song titled One call away. The advantage of country Wizzy is that he is capable of producing music that can be listened to internationally.

Country Wizzy – One Call Away mp3 file

The first musician to leave Konde Gang was Country Wizzy. Many people are curious as to what is happening with this label now that Anjella and Killy have also gone. This began as soon as Harmonize began associating with Kajala, who is said to be the new manager of the label.

Does this imply that Kajala is a factor in the split between Harmonize and the label’s artists? Before Kajala joined the label, the company operated well and produced excellent songs. Enjoy the video of “One Call Away” by Country Wizzy nevertheless.

One call away video link



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