Chikuzee x Cannibal – Hallelujah

A perplexing story, but you have to agree with me that Chikuzee can sing a better gospel song than many Kenyan gospel musicians. His collaboration with Cannibal quickly became the talk of the town after its release.

Chikuzee x Cannibal – Hallelujah mp3 download

According to Chikuzee, anyone is free to sing any type of music, which is why he felt comfortable performing gospel music despite the fact that he is a Muslim. When asked if he had converted to Christianity, Chikuzee refused to answer but added that Muslims and Christians worship the same God, so he can practice either Christianity or Islam.

Cannibal used to record secular music before declaring that he was born again, at which point he began recording gospel music. Musa Babaz used to manage Chikuzee, but they had some problems, and Chikuzee decided to leave the management.

We wish Chikuzee and Cannibal the best as we await the release of their next project, as they have promised to release more Gospel songs.

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