Carol Nantongo – Ndabula X B2C

Carol Nantongo and B2C have released a new song called Ndabula. The two have done an excellent job, and I particularly appreciate the start, which features a guitar and some of the best tunes. Carol Nantongo’s favorite thing in the world has been making good music.

Carol Nantongo – Ndabula X B2C mp3 download

Let’s all show up and support Carol Nantongo these days; she has really done it. Everything is Ugandan music, from the vocals to the production outfits. Carol’s singing style in this song. Is quite unique. She has a lovely, dulcet voice. She can’t quit acting her part. Carol and B2C; these two music groups have been producing outstanding songs… This is a work of art. In their voices, I can hear the expressions and emotions of their souls.

Watch Ndabula video here

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