Busy Bee Onyiego – Huu Mwaka Asante Yesu

He may not be known by many people but Busy Bee Onyiego is doing great work. Being a gospel musician in Kenya is not easy simply because the competition is high. I would like you to listen to Huu Mwaka Asante Yesu, a new song by Busy Bee Onyiego, and let me know how you feel about it

Huu Mwaka Asante Yesu – Busy Bee Onyiego mp3 file

Thank God, this year will be one of blessing and greater service to God. I believe the song is excellent and this is amazing. We anticipate future releases from this artist and hope that he will continue to spread the gospel through his music. God be with him.

Watch Huu Mwaka Asante Yesu by Busy Bee Onyiego attached below

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