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Breeder Lw – Naipenda Remix Ft Maandy X Trio Mio X Uncojingjong

Naipenda was previously done by Breeder Lw. He has decided to do a remix with some of the best musicians in Kenya and this remix sounds great. Everyone has done his or her part. The musicians in the remix include Maandy, Trio Mio, and Uncojingjong.

Breeder Lw – Naipenda Remix mp3 download

I sensed it when she said, “We ni Big Baba, basi mi ni Martha.” This is the remix we’ve been waiting for; these are Maandy’s greatest lines. I genuinely enjoy it. Let us show our support for these people because they have done their best. This will undoubtedly reach an international audience.

Watch Naipenda remix here

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