Bony Mwaitege – Mwamini Mungu

Mwamini mungu is a gospel song by Bony Mwaitege a well-known musician from Tanzania. Tanzania is considered to be on the front line as far as gospel music is concerned. Although the country is full of Muslims, Christians are seen to dominate.

Bony Mwaitege – Mwamini Mungu mp3 file

Mwamini Mungu is an amazing song, Bony Mwaitege songs have helped many for more than a decade to strengthen my faith in Christ. The gospel is best preached in Tanzania through music. Despite the difficulties, roadblocks, and mountains we have overcome, our God is about to raise us.

In the book of Deuteronomy 28, he promised that he would turn our circumstances around such that we would succeed in all that we do. Enjoy watching Mwamini Mungu video by Bony Mwaitege and am sure you will love it

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