DJ Lyta | Best Bongo Old School Mp3 Mix 2022

Sometimes it makes someone feel good to remember those days when musicians used to write great lyrics. Tanzanian musicians are some of the best when it comes to songwriting. I would like to take you back to those days and you can enjoy one of the best bongo old school by Dj Lyta

Best Bongo Old School mp3 download

Do you still remember some of the Tanzania musicians who started Bongo Flava? For you to remember you must have been there in the 90s. One of the known musicians who started bongo Flava is well known as Matonya.

Matonya did a very famous song titled Vailet. This was not only his hit song, other songs by Matonya included, Spare Tairi, Taxi driver, and Anita. Anita was a collaborator with Lady Jaydee.

Doggman is another Legend who also contributed a lot as Bongo Flava is concerned. Some of his songs include Si uliniambia, Muni, and many more. Alikiba who is still in the game also started music a long time ago. Some of his favorite Bongo old-school songs include Cinderella, Naksh Mrembo, Mapenzi yana run dunia, and many more.

These are just a few of the Tanzania musicians you contributed a lot as far as Bongo Flava is concerned.

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