Best Avocado fertiliser to Increase Yields

Avocado trees are sensitive to poorly aerated soils and should not be planted in soil that is compact and with poor permeability. Some of the factors to consider are; the clay percentage, soil drainage, and pore capacity.


Avocado Pests and Disease

The most economical and efficient way to control pests and diseases on an avocado farm is to prevent them in the first place. These preventive measures include using the right avocado fertiliser, using a suitable avocado seed variety, Weed Control and maintaining proper plant density.


Some of the major pests that attack avocados are:



Scale insects

False codling moth

Avocados are also affected by fungal diseases that need to be controlled early not to affect the entire plantation. Some of these diseases are;


Root Rot: Root rot disease mainly affects avocados in poorly drained soils or those planted in flood-prone areas. The best way to protect from root rot disease is to graft the tree with a disease-resistant variety.


Anthracnose: This disease attacks mature fruits and is controlled using copper-based fungicide search as Propineb.


Scab: Scab attacks leaves fruits and twigs