Bahati – My Beginning

My beginning is a new Bahati song. This shows that Bahati is ready for a change, and expects more videos with sexy ladies. Bahati appears to be fearless, holding the girls in the way he believes is best for him, and this one will explain it all

Bahati – My Beginning mp3 file

You can enjoy My beginning video by Bahati here

Bahati has just made up his mind and is ready to give you his all. This guy used to record gospel music, but whatever prompted him to switch from gospel to secular is a discussion for another day. For the time being, just enjoy the good video.

The video settings are simply incredible. Bahati is a genius, quick and adaptable. He considered the issue of language barriers and set a good example. I can’t get enough of this song. The dance is incredible. The vixen was well chosen, and she makes this video look fantastic.

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