Kenyan famous musician Bahati wrote to President on his social media handle saying the creative industry is facing challenges due to the extended curfew timelines.
Bahati told the president that musicians and people in the entertainment business at large have employees and families depending on them too.
He also added that the 100 million the government had set aside as the cushion money for the entertainment and arts industry, he had not received.
The singer and the president have been considered to have a good relationship since 2016 when Bahati seated on Uhuru Kenyatta’s seat while singing to the first lady. Bahati also has been invited to several government events to perform.

President Uhuru Kenya suspended all public gatherings and closed down all the bars early in 2020, this led to a lot of mixed reactions from the entertainment industry at large.
Most of them had to look for other means of earning money in the industry and supporting themselves since they could not perform because of the ministry of health restrictions.
Bahati is not the only musician or celebrity who has come out saying the entertainment industry is facing challenges because of covid-19 restrictions.

Ending his post, Bahati urged the president to consider the creatives and the entertainment industry.”…Dear Mr president remember and consider the creatives and the entertainment industry. GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS KENYA.”

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