Anastacia Muema – Ni Upendo Tu

Ni Upendo Tu is now available for listening and downloading. She is one of the gospel musicians who has stuck with choir songs although she likes doing it alone not like how other church choirs do. Usiogope Njoo is also one of her songs which is also doing well now.  Ni upendo tu is full of goodness and I hope you will love it.

Anastacia Muema – Ni Upendo Tu mp3 file

Beautiful song by Anastacia Muema, the brave Catholic Iron Lady. May you never grow tired of singing praises to our God. The message, the voice, Annastacia, you are a gift to us. Keep blessing us with your beautiful songs, and we will continue to support you.

You can now watch  Ni Upendo Tu video by Anastacia Muema below

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