Alex Kasau Katombi – Ngai Wanja

Ngai Wanja is the latest release by Alex Katombi all the way from Ukambani. As you all know, this guy is very talented and he never disappoints. His music is all over and you can enjoy more of his music through his Youtube Channel

Alex Kasau Katombi – Ngai Wanja mp3 download

For those who are not familiar with Alex Kasau Katombi, He is one of the finest musicians in Ukambani. Kamba music is unique in instrumentation and not forgetting the dancing style. The guitar is one of the loved instruments in the Kamba music industry and if this instrumental is omitted, then the music will be incomplete.

Alex Kasau one of the top Kamba musicians is among the top five well Known musicians in Kamba Land. He has a lot of support. His youtube channel has more than 250K subscribers and this means he is followed by many people all over the country including those who don’t even understand Kamba Language.

Katombi is a guitarist and he enjoys performing live. Some of his famous songs include Kawano, Kindu, Kinyambu, and many more. Some of his videos have more than 700k views on youtube and very soon he will reach a million views.

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