90k Ka Msoh – Nikuri Na Mwihoko

Every time you are going tough time, remember there is always hope. This is the message by 90k Ka Msoh through his new song Nikuri Na Mwihoko. He is requesting people never to give up because God’s time is the best.

90k Ka Msoh – Nikuri Na Mwihoko mp3 download

This song is both inspirational and emotional. Congratulations, 90k. Everything is so perfectly coordinated. The director did an excellent job. The backup vocals perfectly complement the 90ks Vocals. The sobs. Wonderful, congratulations! Excellent work.

Nikuri Na Mwihoko is extremely moving, giving hope to millions of depressed Kenyans who struggle every day and night, but with God, they will triumph. Congrats 90,000 ka msoh. Enjoy watching Nikuri Na Mwihoko by 90k Ka Msoh.

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